Workato, a leader in Gartner MQ, is much more than an iPaaS.

It is an Intelligent automation platform that can be used easily by both business and IT.
Workato helps you automate business workflows across cloud apps, on-premise apps and employees. For instance, you can automate quotes to cash business processes, which may involve multiple apps such as Salesforce, Netsuite, and Apttus.
Workato combines an enterprise-grade workflow automation platform with the ease of use expected from consumer apps, enabling business users and IT to quickly build workflow automations.

Innovate your business
using Recipes

Recipes are simply business workflows which have been automated. You can connect multiple apps together in order to complete a task as a part of a business process.

You can automate your business processes in just three steps.
It’s that simple and easy!

Choose an app, set a trigger, and
add multiple actions to automate.

Choose an app, set a trigger, and
add multiple actions to automate.

  • Apps

    Choose your app (cloud based or on-premise)

    Example: Salesforce (CRM), Marketo (Marketing)

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  • Trigger

    Create a trigger (a business event that will kick the recipe to complete actions automatically).

    Example: A new opportunity is created in Salesforce, a contract is signed in DocuSign, a ticket is updated in JIRA, etc.

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  • Actions

    Define an action (a set of events you want to accomplish based on the triggering event, i.e. when the trigger fires).

    Example: Create an invoice, notify on email and Slack, create a ticket in Zendesk.


Setup connections for the recipe to access data in the apps

Connections are account details for all the different apps you plan to connect and use in your custom recipes.

Example: Salesforce (CRM) account connection details needed to access data.

  • Workato connects you with 300+ enterprise apps.
  • Simply connect to the apps (e.g. Salesforce, Netsuite, Marketo, etc.) your business uses and start building innovations!



Start your recipes to automate complex workflows

  • Running your recipe is as easy as clicking the start recipe button!
  • Workato recipes offer lossless pause and resume. Pause the tasks at run-time, apply changes and resume the tasks without losing data/events.

As a Workato partner, we at Bolkris strive to create big successes for our clients and help them stay ahead of their competition in this hyper-competitive digital market.

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